Brain dump – not a dazzlingly classy name but a very effective habit to start and perfect.

Our brains are not wired to process a lot of information at one time. Imagine your brain is like your laptop and you have 10 tabs open all at once, flicking back and forth. That’s how many of us live and think every single day, so it’s of little wonder we’re feeling overwhelmed and stressed.

A brain dump is exactly how it sounds – dumping everything you have in your brain onto paper. We’re going to free some space in your beautiful brain and allow you to process and organise exactly what you need to do.

  1. Grab paper and a pen!

I like to write freehand for a brain dump as research has proven that handwriting releases and lets go of information in the brain much more effectively than typing or using your phone. 

Literally, write anything that comes to mind. I like to make a list and jot down a thought or idea as they organically come to mind, including those little things you haven’t bothered to do. As you’re writing your list out, start segmenting them into work, personal, home, social etc. 

Just make sure you keep writing in flow with your mind as this is where the magic happens.

2. Segment and Schedule

Once you’ve written down every thought that’s been in your mind, sort through the list and break them into sections of importance. This may be your to-do’s, future, urgent, weekend – whatever works for you, as long as you detail them by importance. I like to use a different coloured pen for each segmented list, so I know exactly, at a glance, what needs to be done. For example, pink for home, blue for social and red for urgent.

Now, work out when you’re going to tackle the things you need to get done. For example, scheduling tasks in order of priority is a must do if you truly want to tick all of these thoughts and tasks as done! 

3. Stick with your dumping

As with most things in life, a new habit needs care and commitment. I like to set aside time on a Sunday afternoon for a brain dump so I get my thoughts onto paper, and I’m organised and ready to go for the week ahead (with my to-do tasks clearly set out). 

Then at the end of the week when it’s time to do another brain dump, review your current list and ask yourself, what didn’t I get around to completing? Then simply reschedule them into next week. 

But be aware! The more you put off certain tasks or ideas to follow through on, the longer they’ll sit cluttering up that thriving brain of yours so make sure each week you have a clear path of completion for each.

I’d love to know if you have a regular brain dump practice, and what method works for you?

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