Everyone has been on a KonMari kick, sprucing up their homes and learning how to declutter their lives. “Life-changing!” is what we’ve been hearing. So think about what a bit of a clean and declutter can do in helping us motivate ourselves, changing not only our business but our mindset too.

So how to we add a little spring cleaning into our business? Here’s my top tips on how you can whip your business into shape with my top business boot camp tips.

Assess the situation

Take the time to go over your business, assess what’s working and what’s not. Make a plan and set some goals for the next six to 12 months. Having a plan will not only keep you on track, but a vision is what keeps the business thriving for more. Anything that is simply not working, well, it’s time to change it up!

Rework your expenses

One struggle not only in your business life but personal life is money. Financial stress is something everyone has experienced at one point or another, and unfortunately we cannot avoid it all together though it is a start. Reworking your business to have as little financial stress as possible is the end goal, even if it’s something as little as purchasing cheaper coffee for the office.

Ask for help

With any business you should asses where you can tie up loose ends by delegating tasks, giving you more time to focus on the big picture. Be strategic with your planning and asses where you have budget to outsource and how you can benefit. Using a virtual assistant can be an extremely useful source to any business under the pump, with the return on investment making it worth your while. What better way to focus your time an energy on your business when you know something as simple as payroll and simple ad hoc duties can be looked after for you.

Take a break

Sometimes the best way to have a fresh start is to take some time out to regroup and refocus. Whether it be going away for a couple of days or simply taking some time out to enjoy life a bit more, use this time to gain some momentum. Once you’re back in the office you’ll feel fresh and like a new person, with a clear head.

Have a fresh space

A simple way to make your business feel cluttered is also but cleaning out your work space. File or get rid of unnecessary documents, cleaning out not only your physical desk but emails too. Re-organise old systems – if your current email, phone or business protocols are not working, start a new one. Use a new server, change your storage systems, everything should be streamlined and made simple for you.


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