Life has become more of a race nowadays, with everyone running towards their goals and specific interests. Most of us are so busy and entrenched in materialism that health has taken a back seat in our lives.

People have stopped indulging in meaningful interactions and participate more in social network conversations instead, adding up to a growing scarcity of authentic connections and relationships.

So when should we know to take a step back and avoid burn out?

Burn out is defined as a state of emotional or physical exhaustion. There are various causes that lead to burn out including prolonged stress in your personal life or job, working at a physically or emotionally draining position for a long time, pressure to perform or adhere to high expectations (often set by ourselves!), following a set routine for a long time, the burden of responsibilities and experiencing regular failures…these are all common causes of running your physical and emotional health to empty.

Major Reasons Why you Should Step Back to Avoid Burn Out

If you have identified the emerging signs of burn out, the first step you should take is to mentally withdraw yourself from a situation in order to consider it objectively. It is good to have determined goals but they can be a cause of stress at the same time, so you need to plan regular breaks.

You should also possess the ability to disconnect from work once you finish for the day but if you can’t, it’s an idea to implement strategies to be able to switch off. This could be as simple as an afternoon walk with your dogs, joining a gym or heading out socially. Disconnecting is the most effective strategy to avoid burning out.

As Virtual Assistants, we often juggle competing tasks for various clients. This can create overwhelm and the desire to work long hours to finish everything that has been asked of you. However, to avoid crashing, you should restrict making yourself available to work in non-working hours because that exposes you to constant stresses that restrict you from feeling refreshed and relaxed. Plan breaks regularly to keep you from feeling the effects of stress.

Major Reasons Why you Should Step Back to Avoid Burn Out

Planning effective breaks could include hanging out with positive people, indulging in activities you love, listening to music that soothes you, pampering yourself, whereas long breaks can be going to a vacation to your favourite spot, visiting places of loved ones, spending some time with yourself listening to the needs of your soul, and giving attention to healing techniques.

We have complicated our lives to an extent where now the world faces more health issues related to the mind than the physical body. It is high time that everyone takes measures to lead a healthy life and inherit lifestyle that encourages peace of mind.

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