The importance of saying no.

It seems like we live in this world where it is not ok to say “no”.

We seem to think and the have impression that saying “no” will have a negative impact or influence on our business and life, but it won’t! It will have the opposite effect!

Saying “no” is motivating and a positive experience (and scary) but will leave you feeling empowered and in control! When we keep saying “yes” to people, or become a “people pleaser” as it can be known, we start taking away from ourselves.

Trying to fit that extra job in can have such a negative impact. You start to feel rushed, you just know that you don’t have the time, but it’s the belief that saying “no” or “not right now” might mean you will lose the business.

However, have you thought that by saying yes it can potentially be more detrimental?  You might find yourself rushing, the quality of your work decreases, you stay up late and sacrifice sleep which in turn can make you exhausted and you may see a decline in your productivity and work.

This can make both existing and potential clients unhappy with the product or work they receive, they may feel like the quality is not what they expected and deep down you know that it is not your best work.

So, ask yourself this next time you go to say “yes”:

  • Is it worth it?
  • The burn out and the constant rushing?

Be honest with the client, say you’re busy right now and give yourself time. Manage expectations. If you say to the client this will take me a week, then they know. They are not expecting it any earlier, and guess what. … If you do get it done earlier you are exceeding client expectations and that is fantastic.
You are no good to your business, client or family and friends if you are running on empty, so look after yourself, learn to say NO.

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