Social Media…. The Do’s and the Don’ts!

I have been doing a lot of research and social media “stalking” this week as research for this piece, I wanted to ensure I was giving you accurate and useful information.


The aim of this blog was short and sweet, not to inundate you with loads of information, but to dot point the main do’s and don’ts that kept repeating themselves!


  • Create a plan for each of your social media channels
  • Do be consistent
  • Post relevant information- give people a reason to want to follow you
  • Post images! Videos! Anything that will grab attention!
  • Join communities of likeminded people and business
  • Watch your competitors
  • Capitalise on hash tags! Do your research!
  • Lastly connect with an influencer, they might just like and share your content!



  • Use like bait and click baiting
  • Controversial headlines and content (FB actually have changed their algorithm to curb this)
  • Buy likes and followers
  • Post too much… yes there is such a thing!
  • Use Social media to only sell and promote your business
  • Delete negative comments- use these to turn a customer into a promoter of your business
  • Fall behind- keep up to date with the social media changes


Building a genuine Social Media following can take time! It is more important to engage with genuine followers who are more likely to share and like your content.

The old saying “Quality not Quantity”” defiantly applies!

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