Storytelling for business can grab attention, create emotion, inspire action and connect with your clients and employees.

In our complex and over-saturated world, we can get a little lost amongst the clutter. This is why adopting storytelling in your business can overcome some of the common blockages of information, and strengthen your core business.

Storytelling for Business

You can share your message in a way that engages an audience and inspires them to make an action with your business such as a sale, lead or referral. And as we all know, when we’re told a great story, it can change the way we think about certain things – imagine what good storytelling could do for your brand?

But how does one adopt this unique form of business promotion? We’re diving in and sharing our top tips to build your very own storytelling for your business:

Create Emotion

As humans, we are generally driven by emotions. A great story can not only make our brains tick, but it can have a dramatic effect on the way we feel. Now put that into the context of sales – we don’t usually make calculated decisions when it comes to making a purchase, we use EMOTION. 

When conveying stories about your business, inject a solid dose of emotion. Retelling a positive customer experience or sharing your excitement in new developments or products and services, whatever it is make, sure you clearly communicate your own feelings so the listener also feels them with you.

Be a Believer

Believing in what you’re doing, saying and selling, is key to clear, concise communication. If you have a weak sounding voice or you’re not believing in what you’re saying, people pick up on that immediately. 

You need to focus on what you know and believe about your product, service or offer, and communicate that into the mind of the listener. Building positive beliefs is one of the most important factors for someone to decide if the NEED something, or they’re just listening for the sake of it.

I Need a Hero

Every business should have a customer avatar. It’s essential to understanding who your target customer is, what they want most, what are their pain points, and how you can help them.

When your business is focused on the customer and solving an issue for them, you’ll naturally communicate your stories to benefit them and you’ll uncover more opportunities to provide your hero with even more products or services to improve their lives.

It’s a win win – and everyone loves a hero.

Storytelling for Business

What’s Your Plot?

One key element to a great and memorable story is adversity, overcoming challenges that you’re facing out in the warzone that is business. 

How can you create your own plotline? Some stories that people love are rags to riches, overcoming struggles, $0 startups – the list is endless.

Consider what your plotline could be, then build your business and brand story from the base up. With your product or service as the Academy Award Winner at the end of your own movie.

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