Often, people can get so overwhelmed in building their business and managing day-to-day that outsourcing is their best solution to grow and create space in their own lives.

What is outsourcing? Outsourcing is an agreement between companies where one company hires another company or individual to take responsibility for already planned or existing activity that is or could be completed inside the company.

It is also the practice of handing over control of tasks to a person who doesn’t work within their own company. The services that are commonly outsourced include bookkeeping, administration, graphic design, content creation and online management.

Often outsourcing is the solution for small business and entrepreneurs, as they can engage support at a reasonable and consistent cost, which in turn delivers productivity and expertise.

Aside from creating flow, space and support to a business or entrepreneur, it also allows them to focus on rapid growth and business development. It’s also the best solution to filling a gap in skillset as outsourcing allows you to target exactly what you need in your business, and what it’s missing.

Here are our top 5 tips to outsource like a pro:

Precise explanation of tasks and your goals

At its core, you need to define and communicate exactly what you’re seeking when outsourcing. What is the job and the goals you want to achieve in the set period? You have to define your requirements, so any potential candidates can present you with an accurate proposal and quote.

Clearly state time requirements

To save your time, and the time of the other party, it is important to clearly state the schedule requirements and the time within which you want your job to be completed. This will also prevent you from any losses as project schedule largely affects company costs.

Hire the service provider like you would an in-office employee

You are hiring assistance to get productive and better outputs, so evaluate all proposals as you would if this was a potential employee joining your company. Check their previous performance through the feedback and don’t skip over the essential experience simply because they’re working remotely.

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Don’t fall for prices

Never choose a service provider solely for a price that doesn’t assure quality. It is better to go through every standard to achieve good results and have the most required productive output, rather than choose someone based on their cheap hourly rate..

Begin with small projects and notice natural skills

When engaging for the first time in outsourcing services, make sure to start with a small project. This gives you the opportunity to see what your new hire can offer, and also their skills and natural flair. Often we hear of people hiring a VA and then they learn their VA can do so much more than just basic admin. Make sure you’re always stretching their potential and you’ll watch your business thrive more than you ever dreamed it could.

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