Everyone knows how difficult (and frustrating) it can be to grow a Facebook Page organically. It can be incredibly confusing with conflicting advice such as boosting posts, running an ad campaign, giveaways, video, no video, algorithms, buying likes and the list goes on!

Those who have grown successful Facebook Pages are adamant about one thing – it’s best to do it organically. This approach will draw people to YOU, who WANT to know about YOU and the content on your Page. If you are growing a business and establishing yourself, you need to connect and engage with followers, and be invested.

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There is one reason people hop onto Facebook: connection.

As users, we crave connection with other people and this is the relationship you want to build with your followers. Think of yourself as the local barista who loves chatting with customers all day long, serving them, making them smile, and come back again and again. That’s the kind of relationship you want to create with your followers.

We’re sharing with you tried and tested ways you can grow your Facebook Page, without spending a single cent:

Invite them to your party

If someone has already liked your content, there is definitely a higher chance of them liking your page. So invite them in, just like you would in real life!

Simply click the “Like” button where all your likes are listed. It can be found near the bottom of your post.

Then invite all users that have not already liked your page.

Or if you’re tech savvy, download the Chrome Extension, Inv, and let it do the work for you.

Know your star followers

On every Page there’s always a group of people who comment and like on a regular basis. Send them a virtual high five by recognising them and mentioning them in a post. People LOVE this and often will share with their friends.

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Engage like a pro

Do some research on other Pages that are in your niche with a strong following. Hop in and leave comments on their posts that are helpful, informative and engaging.

This works to bring their followers over to your page by showing off your subject expertise and personality.

Tip: Make sure you’re commenting as your Facebook Page, NOT your personal account.

Groups are little parties

Groups have become very popular in the last year or so and are a great way to connect with others in your niche. They are also very helpful for creating blog posts ideas as you can create posts around issues people in your niche have.

Tip: Groups work best when they have a strong niche focus, not just as a meeting place. 

Use Videos and Live

The jury is out on Facebook algorithms as let’s face it, who really knows what the team at Facebook are doing behind the scenes!

However, people love to consume video so get on board and create it! Another popular content style is Live’s. It’s easier for someone to connect seeing your happy face talking to them in person than reading text, so tuck your personal concerns aside and jump in at the deep end with a Facebook Live. And if things go wrong, it makes them funnier to your audience!

Use Facebook Page insights

On every Facebook Page is a data feature called Insights, which shows all of your data associated with your Page. These numbers are important and helpful.

The reports can show you many things but for me, I love the insight number which shows me which content my followers are enjoying the most. You can work out if they respond more to photo’s or videos, recipes or hacks – any content you’re posting, you can easily see which ranks higher. This is incredible data for you to plan more content knowing what your followers like.

Interact daily

Life can be busy, we get it, but it’s important in the early stages of building your follower numbers to hop into your community daily. This includes asking questions in posts, answering comments and messages, and trying to find out what it is they want, not what you think they want.

Cover photo love

Changing your cover image can increase engagement on your Page, as it keep the content changing and people will come back more regularly to see whats new and good.

Tip: add text to your cover image, as a little extra promotion opportunity.

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Post frequently and consistently

To stay relevant and in people’s News Feed, you need to post regularly – we recommend posting daily.

When you do, it’ll be like a little thank you from Facebook, and you’ll be rewarded with more reach.

Share content….but not too much.

It’s tricky to know what types of content you should be sharing. It’s tricky but we’ve found the 80/20 rule works a charm.

80% of the time, share non-promotional non-sales content. This can be your content, someone else’s or general info.

20% of the time you should share sales content such as your sales page,  your opt-in offer, a product or service link.

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